After ElkCorp was sold to GAF, Notch Partners was instrumental in connecting me with a handful of top private equity firms. I chose to become affiliated with Advent International as an operating partner and a few months later I helped Advent complete the acquisition of Bradco Supply. I subsequently became CEO of the company. I would strongly recommend that experienced chief executives interested in private equity seek to become part of Notch’s network.
Tom Karol
Former Chairman & CEO, Bradco Supply Corp.

Backable Executives

As our clients’ Human Capital Partner, we facilitate C-level relationships for a variety of deal-oriented purposes. Our network of executives is ideally suited for:

  • Staffing Executive-in-Residence or Operating Partner programs
  • Helping with due diligence on deals in their areas of expertise
  • Serving on portfolio company Boards of Directors/Advisors
  • Acting as interim/project executives in areas of immediate urgency

We are also able to arrange meetings with executives who are eager to share their knowledge in a given industry in return for the opportunity to expand their investor relationships.